Swedish company proceed from GPS to GLONASS navigation

GLONASS navigationThe Swedish company SWEPOS became the first provider of satellite navigation services through the system GLONASS. The company has 21 main and 52 auxiliary stations that collect data from GPS satellites, which is an alternative to GLONASS. The consumers use its positioning information in real time, geographic and geodetic work. The Russian satellites are located higher than the U.S., and therefore work better in the northern latitudes, told Reuters the deputy head of the Department of Geodesy SWEPOS – Bo Johnsen. Currently 90% of the company’s customers use both GPS and GLONASS. The GLONASS navigation system has 27 satellites, 23 of which are being actively used. Apparatus were put into service from 2005 to 2010. For comparison, GPS system relies on 32 satellites, of which 30 workers entering the orbit in the period 1990-2010. Earlier this month the company TeleSistemi Mobile (MTC) launched its first smartphone with built-chip support for GLONASS. Negotiations with manufacturers such as Nokia, Motorola and Qualcomm for embedding sensors in their GLONASS products.

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